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Villa Vassilieff, Conception et fabrication: Guillaume Ettlinger et Jérôme Valton, Iris Häussler / Le Projet Sophie La Rosière, micro-édition de 32 pages, septembre 2016. Editions FNAGP

Edited by Bridget Elliott, Breaking and Entering, The Contemporary House Cut, Spliced, and Haunted.
228 Pages, 10 x 8 landscape, 41 figures, full colour throughout. McGill-Queens Univercity Press. ISBN 9780773545458 (Available in catalogs)

Mark Kingwell (2008) The Legacies of Joseph Wagenbach. - in: Opening Gambits: Essays on Art and Philosophy, pp. 124-132. Key-Porter, Toronto. ISBN 978-1554700738.

Cornelia Gockel (1999) Die Spur des Gastes. Über Iris Häussler. - Feature, 1989-1999. German. Kunstforum International, Vol 146 pp. 274-283, June/July 1999

Iris Häussler wishes to acknowledge the support of the following funders