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Milano, Italy


A site-specific work in progress

Concept and situation:
Archivio slowly took form during the length of the festival "Milano Poesia 1991"as a site-specific work in progress. Visitors were able follow the developmentof the work and were encouraged to interact with it.

Two shelves, a desk with a chair, some wax, a melting pot, a hot plate andtwelve square, metal casting forms were arranged as a workspace in the mainexhibition hall. Each day, newspapers from around the world were purchased.They were read and images of natural catastrophes, world politics and othernews items were cut out. Each of the clippings was provided with a reference and cast into a tablet of wax. About seven hundred, 23 x 23 x 1.5 cm tablets were produced over the length of the show. They were archived in chronological order on the steel shelves, which over time filled up with the tablets. Visitors could enter the workroom, remove the tablets from the shelves and arrange them into relationships of their choice.This possibility was actively made use of. By the end of the festival, the system of order could no longer be recognized and many of the fragile tablets had been broken. The broken pieces were not removed from the installation, but were stored on the lower shelves.

, Prague, Czech Republic,
, Milano, Italy,

Iris Häussler wishes to acknowledge the support of the following funders