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Toronto, Canada. Sheboygan, Wisconsin USA

Florence Hasard

Florence Hasard - Project Page
Evolving from the Sophie La Rosière Project, the persona Florence Hasard moved from France to the US in the 1920s where her artistic legacy was recently discovered.

This project goes beyond discovery. It started as an investigation into the artistic legacy of  Florence Hasard, Sophie La Rosière’s former lover, identifying the two different artists' works individually. Followed by the investigating of museum practises and storytelling, historic facts and fiction are woven seamlessly together, attributing Iris Häussler’s character,  Florence Hasard her period-apartment containing her long hidden studio she left in 1942. This project is set in the Italinate home built by Michael Kohler in 1883. It is developed by the  John Michael Kohler Art Center in close collaborating with the Chipstone Foundation.


Iris Häussler wishes to acknowledge the support of the following funders