ALIAS, MLeuven, Belgium

Apartment 5 Table
Apartment 5 Wall Mirror
Apartment 5 Wallpaper Close Up

March 14th to September 1. 2024
MLeuven (Museum Leuven)
Leuven, Belgium
Curated by Valerie Verhack

80 artworks from national and international public and private collections, including Florence Hasard’s Apartment 5 (Brooklyn 1942), sharing a theme on the conflation of fiction and reality.

ALIAS will bring together about 80 artworks from national and international public and private collections. Piece by piece, the works will illustrate the strategies contemporary artists use to conflate fiction and reality, and how they confound our perception of the truth. Rather than merely using a pseudonym, fictional artists are the conscious constructs of artistic personae with invented biographies that more or less differ from those of their creators. From using made-up names or portraits, to inventing biographies, pre-dating works of art and setting up alternative business mechanisms, this exhibition will explore contemporary artists’ strategies in fictionality to generate new identities and question the status quo of existing systems.

MLeuven reconstructs Florence Hasard’s Apartment 5 (Brooklyn 1942) as shown before at The Armory Show 2019

MLeuven (Museum Leuven)
Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 28
3000, Leuven