Mar 14 - Sep 01, 2024
Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 28
3000, Leuven
Sharing a theme on the conflation of fiction and reality.


Curated by
Valerie Verhack
Works Shown

Mar 04 - 27, 2020
Bayreuth, Germany
Luitpoldplatz 13


Curated by
Iris Häussler in collaboration with Stefan Mayer and Matthew Varey
Collaborative project with two schools accros the Atlantic

Mar 07 - 10, 2019
New York NY
The Armory Show 2019
Booth P19, Pier 92
711 12th Ave
New York, NY 10019
Florence Hasard in New York

Apartment 5

Curated by
Sally Talant
Works Shown
Anatomical paintings in wallpapered room

Apr 27 - Jun 18, 2017
Hamburg, Germany
Klosterwall 23
20095 Hamburg
The Map Is More Interesting than the Territory

Jed Martin

Curated by
Bettina Steinbrügge
A selection of sculptures was installed; Häussler demolished the installation.

Lois Andison, Miroslaw Balka, Shannon Bool, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Jason de Haan, Hadley + Maxwell, Kris Martin, Danh Vo

Somebody Everybody Nobody

Curated by
Rui Mateus Amaral
Works Shown
Plaster-masks of 24 children’s faces, cast as positives in sugar, later eaten by ants.

Jan 21 - Mar 23, 2013
The visual representation of the family

Family Ties

Curated by
Daniel Faria and Rui Amaral
Showing: drawings traced from family photographs

Jan 22 - Mar 08, 2009
Honest Ed's
581 Bloor Street West
Visitors could borrow the garments and wear them home

Honest Threads

Curated by
Mona Filip
Works Shown
Honest Threads displayed garments loaned by Torontonians

Weingarten, Germany
3rd Triennial for Contemporary Art
Triennial for Contemporary Art

Zeitzonen [Timezones]

Curated by
Roudolf Scheutle & Brigitte Hausmann
Works Shown

May 01 - 31, 2000
Dresden, Germany
Hotel Martha Hospiz
Begleiterscheinungen (Side Effects)

City Index

Curated by
Harald Kunde
Works Shown
Interventions in 5 hotel rooms.

May 01 - 31, 1998
München, Germany
Ausstellungsraum Balanstrasse 21
Verdeckte Nähte (Hidden Seams)

Hidden Seams

Curated by
Axel Jablonski
Sculpture: wax enclosed articles of clothing encased in wax arranged according to family relationships

Feb 02 - Mar 31, 1994
Munich, Germany
Holzstraße 10 Rgb.
80469 München


Curated by
Christiane Meyer-Stoll
Works Shown
See Paidi Project page for installation view and the art works.