Process 34

The Sophie La Rosière Project

Sophie La Rosière engages my collaborators in an investigation of art in our contemporary world.

Sophie La Rosière  is a fictitious 19th-century French painter whose work and life unfolds over a series of site-specific immersive installations and gallery-shows since 2016. Her abandoned and recently reconstructed studio from 1918 allows us a glimpse into her creative, yet mostly reclusive life and tells about her passionate relationship with Florence Hasard. Her series of paintings, obscured with blackened beeswax, activated international investigations beyond the subject matter into the museum's restoration practices and artistic authorship.

Iris Häussler, June 2022.

The Sophie La Rosière Project : Shows
George Kolbe Museum Berlin, Germany,
PSM Gallery Berlin Berlin, Germany,
Kohler Arts Center (JMKAC) Sheboygan, WI,
Museum of Art, Sao Paolo San Paulo, Brazil,
Daniel Faria Gallery Toronto, Canada,
Art Toronto Toronto,
Scrap Metal Gallery Toronto,
Art Gallery York University (AGYU) Toronto, Canada,
Villa Vassilieff Paris, France,

Photo credits Courtesy of:  Art Gallery of York University, Toronto / Scrap Metal Gallery, Toronto / Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto / PSM Gallery, Berlin / Bildarchiv Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin / Kohler Arts Center Sheboygan, US / and the artist.