Mar 09 - Apr 29, 2017
Toronto, Canada
188 St Helens Avenue
Toronto ON, M6H 4A1

The Sophie la Rosière Project - Chapter III

Curated by
Rui Mateus Amaral
Projects Shown
Review, Elke Linda Buchholz Tagesspiegel
Review, Murray Whyte Toronto Star

In Fall 2016, The Art Gallery of York University and Scrap Metal mounted two complimentary presentations of the project: the former was intimate and archival, while the latter was restrained and bordered on the forensic. In it’s third exhibition form, Iris Häussler’s project invites audiences to edge closer to Sophie La Rosière’s work— to experience paintings, drawings and sculptures that have been dislodged from the fanciful artist’s early twentieth century studio and released more openly, but thoughtfully, into the present.