Vorsichtig Frägt Die Hand Nach Dem Gedanken (The Hand Tenderly Asks About The Thought)

A baby incubator installed for display and interaction
1 shows: exhibition history

"What happens in the realm where distance and intimacy meet? In an incubator?  I asked this question in a play of give and take: offering tools to visitors for poetic self-expression and  anonymous exchange of personal notes and sketches… "  Iris Häussler

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For the show “Art Goes Science” in the Kulturzenrum Gasteig (Cultural Center Gasteig), Munich, I had a baby incubator installed for display and interaction:  the incubator contained a pile of paper, pencils, stamps and a stamp pad. The audience was invited to create their own sheets with sketches, notes and stories, and leave them in the incubator behind, or try to push them through a slit for take-away.  One could also pull out drawings made by previous visitors.