Installation with photographs, drawings and samples of mother's milk.
Munich, Germany

Room I:
First year of life 243 small format portrait photographs (each 24x36 mm) of children in their first year of life were mounted on the wall, at eye level, in a frieze-like fashion. They were labelled with details of the childs date and place birth and the date of the photo. The photos were taken between 1905 and 1994.

Room II:
Drawings 45 framed drawings (pencil, stamp ink, mother's milk, wax, ear wax and collage on paper, each 150 x 107mm) were presented in a row at eye level. They adress the subject of infant care, birth and heredity.

Room III and IV:
Samples of mother's milk: 280 test tubes (178 x 16mm) were installed on the wall, in frieze-like fashion, at eye level. They were labelled with details of the date of child's birth and when the milk was given. The milk differed in the amount (5-30ml) supplied by the mother and in its color, which depends on the mother and child's stage of nursing.

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Kunstraum München Munich, Germany,