Mar 30 - Apr 30, 2001
Munich, Germany
Das Geheime Leben Des Wachstischtuchs

The Secret Life of the Tablecloth

Projects Shown

Installation with prose, household objects, drawings and wax inclusions.

A short story, (written by the artist) was written by hand directly on the wall in the back hallway of the gallery. Ordinary household objects were put on exhibition, dinner plates and oil cloth were also provided with a text written directly on the wall. 48, partially traced drawings of ordinary situations were presented as well as short notes that refer to several fictive biographies. The basic material for these were derived from photos purchased at a flea market - recorded moments of the lives of other people, which deal with the apparent chance of individual fate. A series of drawings made views out of domestic spaces its central theme. They led to a work of six, window-sized curtains set in a slab of wax, orginating from the series "Verlorene Blicke" (Lost Gazes).