childs footprints

Trittsiegel (Imprints)

Häussler integrated footprints of a child with the other animal prints in a natural history museum
Glarus, Switzerland
1 shows: exhibition history

“What does it feel to see the imprints of a child’s feet put side by side with imprints of foxes’ and hares’ paws and deer hooves? In my awareness of the anthropocene, “the imprint of a human foot in sand” has long exceeded its sheer image.”  Iris Häussler

Iris Häussler created a relief showing imprints of a human child walking. This relief was integrated into the display of imprints of animals: a fox, a hare and a deer in the Natural History wing of the Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland. 

Shown at: 0,0073 ha Welt (group-show)

Curated by Annette Schindler
Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland