Mar 04 - 27, 2020
Bayreuth, Germany
Luitpoldplatz 13


Curated by
Iris Häussler in collaboration with Stefan Mayer and Matthew Varey
Projects Shown

…Imagine this:

A crate arrives with clothes from another continent. Unwashed. A clothes-swap… Or?


Two groups of young people, one in Bayreuth, Germany (students of the class of Stefan Mayer at the Markgräfin Wilhelmine Gymnasium), the other in Toronto, Canada, (students of Etobicoke School of the Arts) engaged in this international-art-exchange-project without physically travelling themselves. Together they created artworks of biographical objects they exchanged and performance-pieces to be installed and screened in the two cities.


On view from March 4-27: unwashed at the City Hall of Bayreuth, Germany.

Followed by a show in Toronto, Canada.

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Student Participants Names of ESA and MWG students:

Niya Gao

Nicole Masci

George Dales

Sarah Johnston

Juliet Di Carlo

Erika Vytas

Tate Novak

Christian Webster

Evan Bulloch

Michaela Yarmol-Matusiak

Grace Qian

Ruslan Galimov

Tella Ray

Shane Ackerley

Lucy Hanna

Vivian Tran

Ruby Davies

Natalie Arvennikov

Ina Bonnen

Emily Felder

Annika Füßmann

Marius Gebelein

Emilie Giaquinto

Maja Grothe

Melanie Kimel

Liann Lourenco de Jesus

Simon Schilling

Maximilia Schinner

Marina Waller