Paulina 2000


Details about a former Russian forced laborer, and the inhabitant's memories of the war, formed the theme.
Bonn-Röttgen, Germany

Site specific work:
Villiper Allee 52, Bonn-Röttgen, Germany

An attached house in a suburb of Bonn. Real biographical details about a former Russian forced laborer, the waiting, the uncertainty about her present life, and the inhabitant's private memories of the Second World War formed the theme of the exhibition. Furniture in the livingroom was covered with white linen. A glass cabinet contained letters; they had been sent over many years to the last known address of "Paulina" but returned to their sender; they had been encased in wax. Drawings and a work of embroidery in the dining room were integrated into the present life of the house's inhabitant.

Embroidery translation: (The plate waited a long time whether a spoon would touch it. One who would lead the soup it had exsuded into the opening mouth. Until it was not to be laid out anymore.)