Nobody Knows Me - Kein Mensch Kennt Mich

Jan 11, 2022

Artist Iris Häussler will encouter the historical figure Benjamine Kolbe, the sculptor's wife, as part of the exhibition „Kein Mensch kennt mich“ (Nobody knows me). By juxtaposing Häussler's work with selected archival material from the Georg Kolbe Museum, curators Sintje Guericke and Marlene Scholz address the nature of remembering and preserving human biographies. At the same time, they point towards the limits and possibilities of different concepts of femininity through the ages. The imagined intersection of the lives of Benjamine Kolbe and Iris Häussler's characters invites visitors to enter into a world in which the boundaries between reality and fiction become blurred at times. 

Iris Häussler begegnet Benjamine Kolbe

Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin, Germany 

4. März 2022 – 26. Mai 2022

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