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Florence Hasard

Evolving from the Sophie La Rosière Project, the persona Florence Hasard moved from France to the US in the 1920s … Now the Michael Kohler Art Center collaborates with Iris Häussler to research, contextualize, situate and reconstruct her life beyond the artistic legacy she left behind.


Sophie La Rosière Project website preview
The Sophie la Rosiere Project

The Sophie La Rosière Project website documents the entirety of Iris Häussler's ongoing work in creating and elaborating on the life of a neglected (and fictitious) 19th-century French painter.

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The Joseph Wagenbach Foundation

Iris Haeussler has constructed the life of a person seemingly obsessed with sculpture in this small house. On one level, we are confronted with a fictional, psychological narrative of an old man's memories, defined by the history of the early 20th century and set in the unique context of immigration and identity in Toronto. But the house really exists, the sculptures are real, the atmosphere and spaces combine to an unsettlingly detailed reconstruction of the art and artefacts of decades. And in our mind, Wagenbach, the old recluse, becomes present and tangible. One understands why the archivist knocks before she enters.

The Joseph Wagenbach Foundation website preserves the entirety of this project.

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Independent Pest Control

Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia. May 2012. Ted Wilson, a former ranger, dissappears. When Stanley Dusk from IPCS (Independent Pest Control Sydney) investigates, he uncovers a story of lost love and obsession, of a man, consumed by dreams and driven by fantasy to create peculiar, non canonical sculptures and artifacts.

And who was Stanley Dust? A dedicated pest controller - visit his website.

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Anthserv Ontario

As part of the back story for her Art Gallery of Ontario exhibition He Named Her Amber, Iris Haussler created a fictitious anthropological services organization, which led the excavations around the AGO's Grange in search of artifacts and remnants of the characters involved in her recreation of 19th century lives.

Visit the Anthserv Ontario website.