Auf Borg Und Fund

Auf Borg Und Fund

Lend and Found
Munich, Germany

I invited daycare-staff and families to contribute common objects, toys and tools to be used to imprint their shapes into concrete casts. I developed a special technique to cast concrete reliefs, showing the imprint of these items. Most shapes are clearly recognisable while others have become abstract as translated through the moulding process. In collaboration with the Bauhütte Hasenbergl/“Junge Arbeit” The 22 reliefs were then installed to be accessible to the children into the walls of the new building.

Realised project in an Art in Public Space competition of the City of Munich.

Size: 22 pieces, 0.5m x 0.3m x 0.05m
Medium: Concrete casts
Location: Day Care Centre, Aschenbrennerstrasse, Munich, Germany

Commissions body:
Landeshauptstadt München, Baureferat, Friedensstr. 40 , 82671 München, Germany

Peter Ottman

Quivid Iris Haeussler

Quivid Auf Borg Und Fund

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