Huckepack (Piggyback)

Hotel guests were offered to share their room with a fictitious occupant
Leipzig, Germany

Häussler had prepared one of the Hotel’s guest rooms to be perceived as occupied when entered. Inside the room, the guest found an opened suitcase, a woman's belongings, laundry and toiletries. There was a coat in the closet, a tote bag in the bath, today's newspaper and a plate with fruit on a small table. A photograph of a child and a book lay on the night table. One of the two beds was unmade, a silk pyjama left behind…. One of the hand towels in the bath lay on the floor.

Potential hotel-guests who asked for a single room at the reception were offered a double room at the same price. They were informed that they would however share the room with a fictitious occupant.

After every stay the abandoned room was photographed by the hotel’s staff. The "real" guest's bed was made, whatever he left behind was removed, and the room was cleaned. The newspaper changed. The plate was filled with fresh fruit.

Hotel Leipziger Hof Leipzig, Germany, 1995