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Seventeen Grams Of Longing
Siebzehn Gramm Sehnsucht
a sculpture by Iris Haeussler
Selected Pieces
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An intercontinental art project about two brothers' fascination with bird migrations, motivated by their own traumatic early childhood separation after WW2.
Curated by Valerie Verhack
March 14th to September 1. 2024
About Iris Häussler
Iris Häussler's projects start with an idea, a dream, an observation… then develop into a concept and through studio-explorations, research and collaborations with communities and professionals unfold into site-specific, immersive installations.

immersive installations

The Material Evidence
of Obsessive Lives and Works

Viewing at Kohler Art Center
Florence Hasard
Historic facts and fiction are woven together to creatively address the nature of remembering
Still life of flowers with nudes
The Sophie La Rosière Project
Sophie La Rosière began as a romantic exploration to invent an artist coming into being at the start of the 20th century, and expanded into art-making in the past and now.
Wax Inclusions: Ongoing 1990-present
An ongoing modality: objects embedded in wax - clothing, newspaper, curtains & bedding