Fifteen scholars of art and culture address the visual and material culture of settler colonialism. Mark Cheetham examines Häussler’s work “He Named Her Amber” in this context.
Nov 7, 2022
Häussler simultaneously creates a feminist commentary on the male-dominated history of the 20th century. She brings to life two women artists who never existed but could have. In Häussler‘s work, what historiography has overlooked becomes reality.
Jun 23, 2022

Immersive Installations

the material evidence
of obsessive lives and works

The Material Evidence
of Obsessive Lives and Works

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Florence Hasard

What started as a discovery of an artistic legacy lead to an exploration into museum practices and storytelling. Historic facts and fiction are woven together to creatively address the nature of remembering and narrating human biographies.

The Sophie La Rosière Project

Sophie La Rosière engages my colaborators in a an investigation about art in our contemporary world.

Wax Inclusion Projects (1990 - Ongoing)

Project of embeded objects In wax: clothing, newspaper, curtains & bedding